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Traditionally, the reason for training has been to ensure that every staff member performs his or her job effectively. However, today that purpose has expanded. Success in the independent market means providing quality products and excellent customer service, at a competitive price. It means keeping up with rapid changes in technology, attending to consumers’ needs and staying ahead of the competition.To do this, every wholesaler and retailer needs a skilled team whose abilities allow them to make judgments, take creative action, manage oversights and understand the priorities of the business. Everyone needs to improve their skills – whether they are just beginning their career, or whether they have years of experience in the industry. To achieve this, it is necessary that the right people receive the right training, at the right time.That’s where the Unitrade Academy offers an effective solution.

Our staff members are equipped with specific HR competencies and training skills, to effectively identify and address the skills shortages which may exist in a specific store. However, because our Academy staff members have been employed in the FMCG market for a considerable number of years, they understand the terminology, specific needs, time constraints and other challenges faced by the independent sector. This affords them the advantage to focus real training, where it really matters. An understanding of the existing member base and the unique culture which exists at each store, further allows us to adapt our training programs to meet each customer’s specific needs – a variable which few training providers are able to match. Combine this expertise and training with the UMS “Service Excellence” standard that is enforced throughout the group, and it’s apparent why the Unitrade Academy is destined to become the preferred training partner of choice, to the FMCG industry.