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Divisional Products and Services

UMS has three operational teams: UMS Northern Division, UMS Coastal Division and UMS Southern Division, headed up by a Divisional Manger that, together with the operational team, is dedicated to meeting the requirements of our members.

Each division has a dedicated Marketing Manager who ensures that members receive every assistance in increasing their market share. This is achieved by targeting customers in the most appropriate and efficient manner and ensuring dominance in the communities they serve.

Each division also has a Divisional Buyer who is committed to ensuring that deals remain competitive in the local market. They also give every member personal attention in order to assist with growing their business.

Every member is assigned a Business Development Manager (BDM). The BDMs acquaint themselves expertly with the unique needs of their member stores. The BDM serves as the link between the member’s business and UMS, to ensure an effective and successful partnership.

Members are professionally assisted by means of our Customer Relations Officers (CROs). Headed up by the OSM (Office Support Manager), each divisional team of CROs offers a comprehensive support service on all issues relating to pricing, deals and orders. Each member is allocated a CRO who understands their business in detail.