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UMS has formed a partnership with global retail alliance group IGA (Independent Grocers Alliance) in a move that will increase and grow the strength, value and success of Unitrade’s Powertrade, Food Town and Best Buy brands. UMS and IGA share a common vision to join hands with independent retailers in order to build strong and successful businesses. Unitrade’s philosophy of providing independent retailers with the stability of a reputable brand, while giving them a framework in which they can retain their individuality, has much in common with IGA, which has a brand alliance with independent retailers in more than 30 countries around the world.

This shared approach has paved the way for the formation of the mutually beneficial partnership. Under the partnership, Powertrade, Food Town and Best Buy will enjoy the benefits of the IGA umbrella brand, but will still retain their unique identity in their communities.

Unitrade CEO Jad Pereira says that the synergy between UMS and IGA made the decision to cement the partnership between the two companies a logical conclusion. “Unitrade and IGA have a shared vision to assist independent retailers with building strong and successful businesses. The partnership of Unitrade brands and IGA’s globally recognized brand will create a formidable power, enabling Unitrade to stay ahead in the local market and increase our ability to remain competitive in global best practice, which is particularly significant when looking at the international competition that has entered our market.”

The UMS/IGA partnership provides many excellent opportunities for supplier involvement, including:

• Brand-building programmes. Suppliers will have the opportunity to partner with UMS members, to develop effective brand-building programmes, drawing on the expertise of both UMS and IGA resources.
• Community marketing initiatives. Community marketing is integral to IGA’s philosophy, which ties in closely with UMS member approach. Powertrade, Food Town and Best Buy stores are at the hearts of their communities, with personal interaction and community-based initiatives forming an integral part of their business.

UMS offers many opportunities to suppliers to partner with UMS members in community marketing initiatives. The IGA’s Red Oval Partner Programme gives suppliers preferred supplier status and UMS will be developing an equivalent programme during the course of 2013.

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