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Unitrade’s member ranging is highly dependent on store location, size of the store and customer profile.

Because deliveries are made directly to each store, the independent store owner has an advantage in that they can customise their range according to their customer base.

Categories carried by UMS member stores include:
• Groceries – food and non-food
• Perishables
• Service departments such as butchery, bakery, fresh produce, hot food and takeaway.
• Toiletries/personal care
• General merchandise, including hardware, plasticware, crockery, glassware, pots and pans, stationery, toys and DIY
• Cellular handsets
• Small appliances, electronic goods and music

UMS and our members are experts in building relationships with their communities.
Community involvement is fundamental to our members’ philosophy and an integral part of the Unitrade culture.

Many UMS member stores have a very close relationship with their community, from being the local meeting place and employing members of the community, to sponsorships, school programmes, fundraising, safety and security of children, feeding programmes and extensive community charity initiatives.

UMS members also provide a range of value-added services for their customers, many of which are facilitated by Unitrade as part of the service we offer to our members.

Prepaid airtime, third-party bill payments, social grant payments are available at most of the stores.

Powertrade is Unitrade’s wholesale and hybrid store format, with both a bulk and a retail offer.
Powertrade stores cater for the general public, as well as for the small and medium size trader/store owner
who will buy in bulk on a daily or weekly basis. The ratio of the wholesale to retail offer varies from store to store.

UMS members trading under the Powertrade banner generally have their roots in wholesale but many have added a retail offer as a value-add to their customers.

Powertrade stores range between 1 000m2 and 10 000m2